Do Companies Hire Coding Bootcamp Grads?

Do Companies Hire Coding Bootcamp Grads?

It is easy to assume that coding bootcamp grads are less skilled because they spent less time learning than computer science degree holders. But easy is not always right. Coding bootcamps are a ~3 month intensive, yes, but graduates learn the hard and soft skills in highest demand. So, yes, companies hire coding bootcamp grads. They know the juice is worth the squeeze.

Despite the fact that coding bootcamps have been around for about 6 years, many still doubt its value. The length of time of the course brings the most doubt. What is 3 months to 4 years, after all?

Turns out, a lot, but not as much as you think.

One reason companies hire coding bootcamp grads is their practical web development/programming skills. Whereas computer science majors understand how Node.js works, they don’t practice how to use it to build a backend server. Because software runs the world, a coder’s ability to code, test, debug, and run an application makes her a qualified and competitive candidate in the tech world. The 3 months of intensive practice—and many more months of self-practice—prepares coding bootcamp grads for jobs in tech.

Stats Don’t Lie

Don’t believe us? Believe, one of the largest job site search engines on the web today. According to them, 72% of 1000 surveyed employers believe coding bootcamp grads are “just as prepared” to be high performers as degree holders. Even more, 12% of employers think that coding bootcamp graduates are more prepared and more likely to be high performers than computer science degree holders.

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Meanwhile, 17% of employers believe that coding bootcamp grads are less prepared for a job in tech. These are probably companies that require the in depth knowledge of computer science degree holders—algorithms, heavy math and the like. And what the other 83% probably need developers than can work on the web. These companies hire coding bootcamp grads.

More Than Just Your Brain

Companies hire coding bootcamp grads, yes, for their smarts, but also for their soft skills. The work ethic and personal drive showcased by students who seek out and complete coding bootcamps appeals to tech companies.

Because of the nature of coding bootcamps, grads are also more willing and quicker learners. They tend to have portfolios because of class projects or freelance work after graduating.

According to Clint Peterson, CEO of Access Development, “Bootcamp grads bring an interesting perspective that has really helped our development team move into a new realm, such as extending into continuous delivery, test automation and some of the other modern development technologies and capabilities.”

And many companies agree.

Which companies hire coding bootcamp grads?

Lots. Namely, Eventbrite, Progressive Insurance, Cisco and Razorfish purposely seek out coding bootcamp grads to work with. Most of them believe it’s not so much about the education as it is about their approach to problem solving. And coding bootcamp grads have the desired attitude.

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