Learning to Code at a Coding Bootcamp vs Self-taught Learning

Learning to Code at a Coding Bootcamp vs Self-taught Learning

Coding is endorsed by basketball players, models, musicians, and billionaire entrepreneurs alike. Many are beginning to recognize the power and utility of a coding education. Bill Gates, Will.i.am, and Karlie Kloss have all endorsed the skill, encouraging others to learn it, too. There are many, many resources available for those interested in learning to code on their own. But we think it’s better to learn at a coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps, which first came on the scene in 2012, are designed to help novices and experts learn skills that are in-demand in the tech industry.  The immersive nature of classes allows for deep, constant learning. With over 20,000 graduates in 2017 alone, coding bootcamps are a winning model for those learning to code. And there’s a reason these are so successful.

Sure, People Learn Alone All the Time

This is not to say that people have not successfully learned to code on their own. Free online resources help those learning code in their own time and at their own pace. These include, freecodecamp.org and codecademy.com, among others. Not to mention the many resources available to learn JavaScript (listed in this blog post). Free resources for learning to code are more available now than ever before. If you have the discipline, drive, and dedication to learn this challenging skill, we say, go forth and prosper.

But for many people who are just starting their coding journey, the frustration of learning is enough to stop them in their tracks. This is why learning to code with GDEV, a coding bootcamp, is your best bet.

Learning to Code is Better with GDEV

GDEV’s coding bootcamp works like this: for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 12 weeks, we teach practical skills and technologies in-demand in the tech industry. Our learning model is I do, we do, you do. That is, the instructor attempts a problem, then the class attempts the problem together, then individual learners attempt the same or a similar problem on their own.

Of course, this sounds easier than it is. It is easy to grasp the solution for a problem when someone else is doing the solving. However, when it comes to thinking it through completely on your own, things become more difficult.

At GDEV, when our students get stuck, they turn to the person beside, behind, or in front of them and ask for help. Learning to code is more manageable when there are others who share your rollercoaster of emotions.  These learners understand intimately your exact struggle are able to provide support. You can even practice pair programmingun with members of your cohort, a practice that studies show enhances learners’ ability to think through and collaborate on problems. This option is not really available for those learning to code on their own.

Learning How to Learn

In addition to members of the cohort, bootcamp students also have access to their instructors. Our web development instructor, Justin Dennison, is available on GDEV’s Slack channel for questions.

Students don’t just learn how to code in coding bootcamps. In fact, they learn how to learn to code. They learn how to think though problems and ask the right questions that will lead to a solution. When learning to code on your own, you can learn this skill too, eventually. It will take significantly more tries and fails than if you had a guiding hand. This comes in handy in the tech workforce when developers work on teams with other designers, engineers, and project managers.

Learning to code on your own takes Mother Theresa levels of patience. We are by no means saying it cannot be done. Rather, we are saying that it is easier to learn within a supportive, knowledgeable learners and teachers.

In addition to learning how to learn, learning to code at GDEV will give students access to job placement services at the end of the run of the bootcamp. If the goal is a thorough learning experience with supportive instructors and a capable cohort, a coding bootcamp is your best bet.

Are you finally ready to take the plunge and learn with GDEV? Email us at hello@gainesvilledevacademy.com