Web Application Development Essentials

Our courses are virtual “live” classes and led by expert instructors who engage, inform and teach you what you need to become a successful developer. In a few weeks you will learn all the essentials needed to build a web application. Learn to build that application you’ve been dreaming of, freelance, work remotely, create something awesome, launch a startup, get a promotion or just blow up your side hustle.

This course is also a great starting point for anyone looking to become a developer by continuing on to our Advanced Web Development Course that focuses on more complex skills such as third party APIs, React library, NodeJS, etc

This Web Development covers the core principles of front-end development: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript and more. You’ll deep dive into an immersive learning experience that teaches you in-demand development skills to maximize your potential.

What you'll learn
Coding with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
How to create any interactive websites to show off personal and professional projects
How to become proficient in coding conventions and best practices
Gain valuable insight from insiders (tech leaders, company founders, etc.)
  • About the course

    An overview of the course content with expectations and other requirements to succeed.

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  • Getting setup with tooling

    You will learn what are the industry tools used to help you create applications i.e. IDEs, how to manage code storage in the cloud, setting up various accounts such as slack, git, etc necessary for developers, primer on Git and GitHub, etc

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  • Primer on HTML

    Learn about the HTML and the various tags used to display content. You will also learn about semantic tags and how to build your first web page (hand coded NOT drag-n-drop). You will also learn how to deploy your first website.

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  • How to Style Your Website

    Inorder to make your website visually appealing you need to add styling. You will learn the fundamentals of CSS inorder to style your website.

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  • Make Your Site Interactive

    Going beyond a static website sometimes you may want to collect information from users from your website. To make your website interactive you will learn how to use Javascript programming which allows you to dynamically manipulate your website.

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  • Application Development Workflow

    Understand the process of developing an application from concept to deployment (or hosting). How do all the concepts you learn come together? You will learn how to become a good beginner developer.

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Justin is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and Developer with over 8 years of teaching experience science, mathematics, and technology both in person and online. In the past, Justin was a tutor and teaching assistant for physics, math, and engineering courses. He transitioned to secondary (high school) education where he continued to hone his presentation and pedagogical practices. Initially, Justin taught mathematics and science, but brought his love of technology into the classroom with offerings of Java programming, web development, and object-oriented programming practices.
Course price
$1,500.00 $2,000.00
This course includes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Special industry guest speakers
  • Convenient evening classes
Durations: 8 week
Lectures: 0
Maximum Students: 15
Skill level: beginner
Certificate: yes