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GDEV is Gainesville Dev Academy

Empowering individuals to create what's next while building something bigger for themselves.

Web Application Development Essentials - NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

How We Teach

Mobile, Web, and Desktop

We know what it takes to build stunning applications on iOS, Android, web, Windows, OS X, and more.

Real-world Dev Skills

Learn not only the technical skills, but how to put them to use in your career.

Start-to-Finish App Development

We'll teach you how to create your own app, from the ground up.

How to Think Like an Expert

Great programmers are distinguished by their abilities to seek answers to tough questions. We'll show you how.

Education Partners

We're partnered with some of the finest institutions in Gainesville to deliver you the best possible education and experience.
  • Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Fe College
  • University of Florida - College of Engineering

Employment Partners

We connect our students with local tech employers that match their personality and skills.
  • 352
  • Altavian
  • Digital Brands
  • The Tech Toybox
  • Fracture
  • Info Tech
  • MaidSuite
  • Mindtree
  • Mobiquity
  • Paracosm
  • Parisleaf
  • SharpSpring
  • Sportody
  • Xhale
  • LaunchCode
  • TradePMR


Classes taught throughout Gainesville
(Employers: We'll come to you!)


Monday - Friday: 10am - 7:30pm
Saturday - Sunday: By appointment only.
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